It’s no surprise that of all interior finishes, flooring takes the most abuse. It’s very important to listen to our clients to understand their needs, usage patterns and aesthetic requirements before making a decision, because replacing flooring in an occupied office is a very expensive undertaking.

Whether carpeting or vinyl flooring, we like to use modular tiles, backed with releasable adhesive because they can be replaced as they become worn or soiled without having to rip up and replace the flooring in an entire room or office. Besides being unsightly and affecting image and morale, torn carpeting poses liability issues if someone trips and falls. It is our job to be the pragmatists; we advise our clients to select materials that are sustainable but also very durable. We want to make sure they are investing in products that will serve them well for as long as possible.

We are seeing new flooring materials that are dramatically improved in terms of environmental sensibility and endurance. An example is InterfaceFLOR’s climate-neutral Cool Carpet that zeros out all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the entire lifecycle of the product. Many of the new tiles on the market are glazed, creating a layer of protection that lasts the lifetime of the tile. Tandus Flooring has a product called Powerbond, which features a special heat and pressure bonding process that enhances performance and endurance. We stay on top of these new products because we need to balance sustainability with long-term durability.

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