Green Business

15 Ways to Green Your Office

Create a Flexible Space

Design and and furnish the interior space with modular construction and furnishings to allow flexibility to meet changing needs.

Access to Daylight

Design and configure the office so that occupants enjoy natural light which improves health and increases productivity.

Sound Masking

Acoustical problems and disruptive noises are minimized through a sound masking system.

Access to Views of the Outdoors

Design and configure the office so that occupants can enjoy views of the outdoors which improves health and increases productivity

Motion Sensors for Lighting

Reduce energy and wear by using motion sensors to turn lights off when not in use.

Add Live Plants

Live plants will filter harmful chemicals from the aid and improve health.

Use Energy Star Equiment

Energy star equimpment uses 65% less energy than non-rated equiment.

Efficient Storage

Reduce the amount of expenisve real estate used for document storage by using electronic or high efficiency storage options.

Use Compact Flourescent Lights or LED Lights

Save money by using bulbs that last upto 50 times longer, and reduce heat and electrical load up to 75%.

Reduce Plug Load

Turn off printers, computers and other equipment when it is not being used.

Use Reusable Items (Plates, Cups and Utensils) Rather Than Disposable

Save money and resources by switching to reusable items including water filtration systems and glassware vs. bottled water.

Recycle Paper, Bottles, Cardboard and Cans

A typical office can reduce their waste by 50% and related costs by implementing a recycling program.

Use Mult-Function Devices (MFD)

Use centralized multi-function printers rather than desktop models for cost, maintanence and energy savings.

Green Purchasing

Purchase supplies in bulk, use local sources, purchase items with recycled content and green certification.

Take Breaks to Get Excersice, Fresh Air and Sunlight

Improve health and productivity by taking occasional breaks to go for a walk and get fresh air.

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